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Our mission is to provide food manufacturers and packaging suppliers with eco-friendly, recyclable films that are sustainable and cost-effective.

With over three decades of film and lamination expertise, we’re uniquely placed to understand the needs of specialist packaging markets.  We’re innovating to meet those needs with environmentally-friendly solutions that don’t compromise on performance or practicality in use.

Our History

Enviraflex is a division of CellCoat.  We’re a UK-based company established in 1986, with unrivalled expertise in the field of thermal lamination.  For over 30 years we’ve been pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with plastic-based laminates, and this journey of innovation eventually led us to create the unique technology behind Enviraflex – a revolutionary system that we believe could help solve the global problem of single-use plastic packaging.

Development & Design

We’ve spent three decades refining our thermal lamination technology to offer our customers a more efficient method of creating laminated substrates, without the use of adhesives. Enviraflex is a natural progression of this journey.  As well as developing proprietary technology in the form of our T30 laminator, we’ve worked with innovators around the world to create a unique system that brings our machine together with the latest polyethylene substrates, to create a sustainable solution for plastic packaging.

CellCoat T30 thermal laminator - create eco-friendly plastic packaging

CellCoat T30

The T30 thermal laminator is specifically designed for the production of flexible packaging and labels. Compact and easy to operate, its high volume capacity, flexible run lengths and zero cure time offer manufacturers unrivalled quality, versatility and speed to market.

Print Friendly

Developed to complement the 30”/76cm wide web print sector, the unique combination of Cellcoat thermal technologies rapidly produces multiple ready-to-pouch rolls, slit to width, from a single jumbo roll of printed base material.

Planet Friendly

The T30 is designed to produce a single substrate, fully-recyclable film with zero cure time, that’s compatible with existing thermal welding technology.  This gives packaging manufacturers all the benefits of plastic, with significant time savings, as well as helping them to reduce plastic waste.

Versatile Usage

Enviraflex technology is compatible with a range of substrates and can be used in various processes and packaging types.  This includes the production of rollstock, paper converting and finishing and label finishing as well as the production of flexible packaging, pouch films, sandwich packs and moisture-proof packs for products such as cosmetics and clinical consumables.

The UK has ambitious targets to make 100% of plastic packaging
reusable, recyclable or compostable by the end of 2025.

Across the EU, the aim is for 50% of plastic packaging
to be readily and effectively recyclable by this date.

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