Eco-Friendly Carton Packaging

Carton packaging made from boxboard has a wide range of applications across many industries. It’s cost effective, lightweight and strong, making it ideal for all kinds of product packaging.

Brands keen to portray an eco-friendly or natural image often choose boxboard packaging for their products.  Boxboard laminated with plastic is moisture-proof and can even be used for food packaging.  But unfortunately, conventional laminated boxboard is non-recyclable and ends up in a landfill.

EnviraflexSEAL is a biodegradable, food grade thermal laminate made from plant cellulose and designed for application to boxboard.

This compostable film delivers a high-gloss, moisture-proof finish for carton packaging and is ideal for the creation of deluxe cosmetics packaging as well as for food applications.

Unlike other compostable films, Enviraflex SEAL is naturally biodegradable and home compostable, and requires no chemical processing in order to break down in the environment.

EnviraflexSEAL is applied to boxboard sheets or reelstock using Cellcoat’s proprietary T30 thermal lamination technology, eliminating the need for adhesives and drying time.

How does EnviraflexSEAL work?

EnviraflexSEAL is designed for use with the CellCoat T30 thermal laminator.  Our technology uses heat to instantly bond the EnviraflexSEAL laminate onto pre-printed carton reelstock without the use of adhesives.  The resulting packaging can be die cut immediately, ready for assembly into boxes. This creates eco-friendly carton packaging.

Enviraflex offers a simple, effective packaging solution for brands seeking to present their products attractively and protect them from damage, while also minimising their carbon footprint and reducing waste.

Innovation & circulation

Our goal at Enviraflex is to innovate by designing packaging materials that can be recycled or composted,
and by doing so, ensuring that the plastic we do create is kept in use in our economy – and out of the environment.

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