Recyclable Medical Films

Plastic face shields are an important item of PPE for clinical and other professionals looking to maximise infection control. These shields can also be problematic because they are prone to fogging and condensation that impairs visibility.

They are also largely non-recyclable and contribute significantly to the volume of single-use plastic waste in any health trust or facility.

EnviraflexVIS is a fully recyclable PET film that has been developed specifically for the manufacture of medical face shields.

It is the first film with true anti-fog qualities that also meets the optical requirements set forth in EN167:2001.  This is a requirement for EN166 compliance on all visors and eyewear used within the NHS.


EnviraflexVIS delivers high light transmission and a distortion-free view without die lines for clear, uninterrupted vision.  The film itself has excellent processability, can be die or laser cut and is also cleanable using soft detergents or household glass cleaner.

PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate, which is a type of polyester. PET is the most widely recycled form of plastic worldwide and is used to made a wide range of packaging and containers such as food pots and bottles. It is strong, transparent and thermally stable, and can be recycled numerous times. The outcome, recyclable medical films, are ideal for a wide range of industries.

We’re working with the food industry and other manufacturers
to envisage a future where plastic is no longer a throwaway commodity.

Light, strong and waterproof, plastic is one of mankind’s greatest innovations – so let’s not waste it.
Discover how Enviraflex technology can make plastic work smarter.

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